By The Sea
O'ahu Waikiki Beach


Experience The Hawaiian peace & harmony

mind, body and spirit

with a taste of our nine specialized spa treatments

By The Sea
O'ahu Waikiki Beach


Experience The Hawaiian peace & harmony

mind, body and spirit

with a taste of our nine specialized spa treatments

Aloha and Welcome

Are you ready to enjoy a long day of pampering on the Pacific Ocean?

SpaKhaiYah's By The Sea, the Spa without walls.... take to the seas and admire the beautiful island from a private tour to SpaKhaiYah's By The Sea, now offering Ocean Luxury Spa services. 

At SpaKhaiYah's By The Sea, she invites her client’s and guests of all ages to come out and enjoy the luxurious spa treatments right here on the Pacific Ocean of Hawaii. We specialize in health, beauty and wellness for the well-being of our guests in an ideal Oceanfront setting. We are currently servicing all of our client’s and guests to visit us in the beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii and surrounding areas. We offer spa services for Hawaiian locals and tourists alike.

At SpaKhaiYah's By The Sea, our hope is that you will have the most relaxing, bliss-full, total body life changing experience for you, your family and your friends. This Beautiful, and exciting ocean view provides a lovely setting for a wedding, honeymoon, romantic getaway or a family vacation for all.

At SpaKhaiYah's we will give to you the freedom of relaxation, rejuvenation, restoration and lots of fun memories. SpaKhaiYah's, will satisfy your curiosity from the time you step in. We offer a variety of natural spa treatments and products that would be provided.
We will deliver you a great spa experience. 

"Where Heaven touches Earth" 

-You only get one body, where will you live if you don't take care of yours.


 Outside The Ocean View Garden Setting for couples side by side and singles with Lava Flow-warm Stones on Private Covered Lanai (or inside) Combo treatments; Single Body Treatments, Hawaiian Facials and Organic Body Wraps all by Certified Body Therapists Skin and Facial Products and Detoxification are offered.  Offers Many Therapy Modalities. 

Outcall Services are available upon request.

SpaKhaiYah's Hawaiian Hot Stone Lomi-Lomi Massage



"Where Heaven touches Earth" 

-You only get one body, where will you live if you don't take care of yours.

Natural Organic Quality Products


Many people underestimate how important it is for one to use effective, quality, non-chemical skincare products.  

Our beauty products, body lotions and body oils are chemically FREE.

  • PARABEN-FREE rich ingredients to smooth, nourish, protect and hydrate your skin, Use day and night.

  • THE BEST NATURAL ANTI-AGING FACIAL LOTIONS you can use to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

  • INSPIRED BY NATURE and made with the finest food and natural based ingredients from New Zealand and Australia  and now right here in the USA.

  • CRUELTY FREE not tested on animals, certified by Vegetarian Society USA and NZ, for men and women

  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE Like a well-balanced diet, Our Skincare product  lines  will delight your skins taste-buds.

~We guarantee our all-natural products that will help you with that extra feeling of ZEN!  If you fall in love, everything is available for purchase.

Friendly Customer Service


Aloha, we welcome you with a beautiful smile and a warm spirit!  

From the moment you walk in our focus is on your relaxation.  When it comes to complete relaxation from the inside out, nothing beats a trip to the spa at SpaKhaiYah’s By The Sea.

 From the minute you step inside, the soothing ambiance begins to work its magic. 

Renew yourself with our premium beauty and wellness therapies, like Lomi-Lomi hot stone massages, spa facials, body exfoliation, aromatherapy touch or full-body wraps. 

This is your time to be spoiled, indulged and feel beautified. Lie back, close your eyes, and feel the stress sail away as your body and mind experience total tranquility. 

You have your choice of delighting yourself with a variety of our hot organic tea beverages of your choice or any spa beverage of your choice.   

Our Hawaiian Goddess SPA experience will definitely leave you with  an impression and most definitely have you  telling all your family and friends.  

Come, and enjoy an experience of a lifetime which, will allow you to achieve calm, relaxation and a peace inside-out. So, spoil yourself  like the Goddess you are.

(Oh yeah, and this feel-good stuff isn’t just for the ladies — gentlemen, there are plenty SPA treatments on our menu for you too.)  

Experience Limited Time Offers on Exclusive Spa Packages



What We're Offering


Hawaiian "Ultimate Goddess" Lomi-Lomi"

 Luxury Spa  $349.99 (Reg $479.99) 

150-Minutes SpaKhaiYah's Signature

Hawaiian "Ultimate" Lomi-Lomi

  •  Hawaiian Flow Warm-Basalt Stone Lomi-Lomi Therapeutic Massage
  •  Hawaiian Facial "Super Woman Charge"  e(by reque
  • Full-Body Exfoliation Spirulina, Matcha Green-Tea Sugar Scrub
  • The "Herbal Steam Hawaiian Sea-Weed Body-Wrap"
  • Body Brushing w/Cellulite Body Polish 
  • Hawaiian Foot Scrub w/Paraffin
  • Chakra Therapy w/Basalt Lava Hot-stones
  • Hawaiian Thai-stretching
  • Re-flexology hands and feet
  • AromaTherapy-Hawaiian Touch w/pure essential oils
  • Two glasses of wine or champagne.

 SpaKhaiYah's By The Sea

"The Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Warm Basalt Stone Massage" (Pohaku Wela Lomi) is the "Ultimate" in deep relaxation massages and undeniably the most blissful. 

Lomi-Lomi massage techniques, warmed Basalt lava stones and rich coconut oil, to help create a deep state of physical relaxation, and mental & emotional harmony.



What We're Offering



Hawaiian "Papaya Pineapple Exfoliation"

 Luxury Spa  $249.99(Reg $379.99)

135-Minutes SpaKhaiYah's

Hawaiian Papaya Pineapple "Exfoliation

  • Choice of Deep Tissue, Swedish, Therapeutic, Massage
  • Hawaiian Facial "Super Hydrating
  • Full-Body Exfoliation Papaya, Pineapple Sugar Scrub
  • Full Body "Botanical Paraffin Masque" 
  • Hawaiian Dry Brushing
  • Cellulite Body Polish 
  • One glass of wine or champagne of your choice.



SpaKhaiYah's By The Sea 

"Papaya Pineapple Exfoliation"

 This ritual begins with a Papaya Pineapple body exfoliation to make your skin smooth and more receptive. Then receive an application of our aromatic botanical masque made from Volcanic Ash and China Clay, two of natures most powerful de-toxifiers. After the mask has dried, your body is then ready for the herbal steam body wrap followed by a moisturizing massage using our warm coconut massage lotion. This treatment is designed to purify, revitalize and tighten your skin. 



What We're Offering 


 Hawaiian "Botanical Noni Masque" 

"After The Sun Melt-Down" 

Luxury Spa  $179.99 (Reg $299.99)

90-Minutes SpaKhaiYah's

Hawaiian "Noni Masque Melt-Down

  • Full Body Therapeutic or Deep Tissue "Massage"
  • Full Body Botanical "Noni Masque
  • Herbal Steam Towel "Body Wrap" 
  • Hawaiian Dry Brushing
  • Cellulite Body Polish 
  • One glass of wine or champagne of your choice

SpaKhaiYah's By The Sea

After The Sun "Botanical Noni Masque 

Melt- Down"

 Known for its legendary healing powers, the Noni plant was brought to the Hawaiian Islands by ancient Polynesians. The Hawaiian people use the juice of this tropical fruit as a natural, multipurpose healing agent. Start with an application of Noni gel, and then wrap to enhance absorption. Noni is soothing, healing and naturally tightens the skin. Noni is great for treating sun and wind burn. Followed with a warm coconut moisturize over your body, gently massaged into your skin leaving your skin with a healthy glow of a Tropical Island Paradise. 


Facials & More Exclusive Options



 What We're Offering


Hawaiian "ClearSkin-Detox"

$89.99(Reg $109.99)  60  Minutes 

Hawaiian Goddess "ClearSkin-Detox" helps improve your skin tone and texture, this facial is customized for your skin type and includes skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and a facial massage with specific treatment.  


  • Skin Analysis
  • "Hydrating" Cleansing
  •  Our Hawaiian "Bio-active 8-Berry" Exfoliation Masque
  •  includes/extractions 
  • This Hawaiian Spa facial utilize our Age defying Bio-Active 8-Berry Fruit Enzyme Skincare Masque which includes fruit stem cells, resveratrol CoQ10, and Bio-active 8-Berry complex which helps to support dermal vitality as fruit juice enzymes gently dissolve & exfoliate dull, dry surface cells to reveal skin's natural glow and a rejuvenated complexion. 
  • Promotes healthy skin circulation
  • Refines texture and smoothness
  • Leaves clean radiant skin
  • w/extractions
  • Facial Massage
  • Arms, Hand, Neck and Shoulder Massage w/pure essential oils



What We're Offering


Hawaiian "Super Woman Charge"

 $109.99 (Reg $129.99)  60 Minutes  

Hawaiian Goddess "Super Woman" Charge,  gives a smooth, even skin complexion from this cleansing facial combined w/blend of GREENS derived (glycol, malice and lactic) removes a outer layer of the epidermis and stimulate collagen, basal cell activity & elastic 

  • Skin Analysis
  • "Anti-Aging" Cleansing 
  •  Our Hawaiian "Super Greens" Detoxifying Facial Exfoliation Masque 
  • This Hawaiian Spa facial utilize natural luxurious ingredients stimulating "Super Greens" this Exfoliator Masque, is enriched with micro-jojoba beads and ground bamboo to gently polish the skin, eliminating the dead skin cells and impurities for a smooth, purified complexion. Its blend of super greens, includes kale, spirulina, chlorella and parsley to deliver antioxidant benefits, whilst pineapple, liquorice and lime peel promote a glowing, radiant complexion.  
  • Leaves your skin feeling soft, de-congested and delicately scented with invigorating cranberries
  • Hawaiian Spa Facial Massage
  • Arms, Hand, Neck and Shoulder Massage w/pure essential oils



 What We're Offering


Hawaiian "Deep Pore Cleansing"  

$129.99 (Reg $149.99)   75 Minutes


Hawaiian Goddess "Deep Pore Cleansing" starts with a deep pore cleansing, combined w/fruit derived acids, exfoliation, with addition of a decolletes treatment & a foot massage using relaxing, activating, energizing & essential oils that helps balance the body chakras.

  • Skin Analysis
  • "Deep Cleansing" 
  • Our Hawaiian "Acai Blueberry" Exfoliation Masque
  • w/Facial Extractions
  • This Hawaiian Spa facial utilize our Acai BlueBerry Skinfood Mud Masque which is rich in natural minerals found in the volcanic muds of Hawaiian.  This Hawaiian masque works as a deep cleanser to soften and relax the skin with it's NATURAL Hawaiian Mud, Masque Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, and Noni Aloe Vera which helps to cleanse dry, oily or sensitive skin.
  • This Hawaiian Spa facial will reduce excess oils, minimize pores, and help you to  experience a more radiant, clear skin with our Hawaiian Skinfood Mud Masque
  • Hawaiian Spa Facial Massage
  • Arms, Hand, Neck and Shoulder Massage w/pure essential oils

Spoil Yourself like the Goddess you are

Spa treatments are more than a luxury, It's a Aloha Lifestyle!

What an Amazing Place..............


SpaKhaiYah’s By The Sea is an amazing soulful place, this place makes you feel comfortable and right away relaxed. SpaKhaiYah’s is a highly recommended place to anyone who desires to center themselves with a healthy conscious-living infused with methods to improve a way of life in health, beauty and wellness. 

SpaKhaiYah’s By The Sea a place of peace that is best described for “Waves of Relaxation,” endearing conversation and helpful healthy beauty tips. 

SpaKhaiYah’s team has the knowledge in the spa industry that shines through their beautiful smiles and their vibrant spirit’s which, shines through even more when you are their ambiance. 

SpaKhaiYah's spa treatments brings back the glow in your skin that you might have lost during the day to day routines from surfing or being in the sun. We are super detailed in the way that our spa services are delivered to you. You will extremely enjoy yourself on the pit stop to SpaKhaiYah’s By The Sea

Indulge yourself by making your reservations today to relax in an atmosphere of ocean-view front, which is dedicated to restore, strengthen, & balance the entire body. 

If you are looking for a place to begin your relaxation physically, mentally and spiritually then this is the journey to take. SpaKhaiYah’s is the right place for you. 

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Since everyone deserves a day filled with bliss and pampering.  At SpaKhaiYah's By The Sea, you can find just that. Find the best alternative service to suit your needs, such as naturopathic therapies, at our spa. Opt for one of the Hawaiian Goddess SPA Packages and banish all your stress away. The level of services are worth every last penny. 

Feel nourished and refreshed this week make your spa appointment with us today. 

SpaKhaiYah's By The Sea

2490 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815

Thursday - Saturday 10:00 am 7:00 pm

Phone: (808) 757.5900

 We BOOK Travel too..........Planning a Spa Getaway?  SpaKhaiYah's Travel  

Whether you're traveling for the first time to Hawaii or one of our Hawaiian locals, we invite you, your family and friends to BOOK your TRAVEL needs with us at:   

See you soon at...... SpaKhaiYah's By The Sea


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